Acupuncture from an experienced practitioner

Janene is a registered acupuncturist who has been practising in Ryde and North Ryde for nearly 30 years. Her experience goes back even further – she qualified almost four decades ago, graduating courses in both Australia and Hong Kong.

So it’s hardly surprising that she’s seen clients with all kinds of conditions. Most commonly, clients are seeking help to treat and manage conditions like:

Janene’s treatment sessions are holistic and personalised, so the acupuncture treatment is combined with other therapies. Here’s a full list of conditions Janene has treated clients for.

Acupuncture – the most accepted branch of Chinese medicine

Acupuncture is so well accepted in Australia that over three quarters of medical doctors refer patients for treatment every month. (source) It’s used in many US and UK medical institutions. Many health funds also provide refunds for approved acupuncture practitioners like Janene.

Acupuncture helps with many conditions. It’s like giving your car a tune-up so that you run on six cylinders in balance, rather than just two cylinders out of balance.

Acupuncture basics

Acupuncture focuses on improving overall well being of the patient. The acupuncturist inserts extremely fine needles into the body at specific points. These points were mapped out more than two thousand years ago – and have recently been confirmed through electromagnetic research.

Traditional acupuncture is based on the Chinese theory of Qi (energy), which flows along pathways (meridians) that cover the body. Inserting needles stimulates the free flow of Qi, which balances the body’s energies. As a result, pain fades away and health improves.

You have six pulses on each wrist, which indicate how well your organs are functioning. First, your practitioner will check whether your organs are out of balance. This is how she decides what insertion points to use. The treatment gives you more energy, you’ll be more relaxed, you’ll sleep better. And all that boosts your natural immune system, so your body becomes healthier.

Why choose Janene as your acupuncture practitioner?

There are several locations offering acupuncture in North Ryde. So why choose Janene? There are plenty of good reasons:

  • qualified acupuncture practitioner, accredited in both Australia and Hong Kong
  • over 3 decades of experience treating a wide variety of conditions
  • approved by all major health funds
  • holistic approach means your acupuncture is combined with other treatments to create a tailored plan for you. More value for your money!

So if you’re ready to book an appointment, call  02 9878 6428 now. Or get in touch via our contact form.