Infertility and Natural Healing Treatments

How natural healing can restore body balance and address fertility issues


Infertility is a stressful and difficult challenge for millions of women around the world. When having children is the only thing that you think you want to do, it’s difficult not to be stressed about it. But a stressed and distressed body is a body out of balance. And an imbalanced body can’t function in an optimal way.

The reason natural healing treatments are effective for infertility is that they reduce stress and restore balance. In her 38 years of practice, alternative natural healing expert Janene Stevens has found a combination of natural healing treatments  have a positive effect on women’s fertility.

For instance, massage is often helpful to release the emotional pressure that is a natural respoinfertilitynse to infertility issues. Emotional stress has been a common issue with Janene’s infertility clients throughout the years, and natural healing treatments like remedial massage and aromatherapy have helped reduce & relieve that stress. A stress-free body is one that is in the best possible state for conception.

Counselling may also be helpful in discovering any mental or emotional blocks that might be sabotaging you in your efforts to conceive. For instance, a woman who had made a previous decision not to have children for some reason, might not realize that she still has that old programming running even after she changes her mind to have children. When the old programming is cleared, energetic clarity and balance is restored & conception becomes easy.

Many practitioners recommend acupuncture as a treatment that may assist with the success of IVF. There is research to show that acupuncture helps manage stress – and it’s fair to say that having IVF treatment can be very stressful. Western-style research is continuing in this area. At this stage there is not enough scientific evidence to confirm the traditional Chinese teaching about acupuncture – that it can get a woman’s energy systems in balance, which can help her conceive and carry to term. There are also certain acupuncture points that are connected specifically to reproductive organs.

Each individual woman might also have other imbalances that, when corrected, will allow the body to function more fully and easily.

Do alternative natural healing treatments actually help women to get pregnant? In her 38 years of practice Janene has seen many of her clients with infertility issues get pregnant and carry babies to full term. Some might think it may be just a coincidence that a woman gets pregnant following a natural healing treatment. If so, Janene has witnessed a lot of “coincidences” over the years!

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