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Holistic Healing by an Expert Practitioner

Janene Stevens has been practising holistic healing for over 38 years. A registered acupuncturist and accredited massage therapist, she is qualified in many alternative therapies. With decades of experience, she uses these to treat a range of conditions. She has helped hundreds of people. She aims to deliver positive results for each and every client.

 Alternative Natural Healing Therapies

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Not getting the results you want from orthodox Western medicine?  Try a holistic healing approach. It will:

  • Look at you the whole person, not just your symptoms.
  • Help your body to heal itself instead of relying on drugs.
  • Consider your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Holistic Healing for Conditions Including:

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Alternative Natural Healing Expert Janene Stevens builds her treatment plans around acupuncture and massage. She is trained and qualified in these and many other natural healing therapies. Her practice combines therapies according to individual needs. Janene has successfully treated many people using holistic practices.

To book a consultation, contact Janene today.

More about holistic healing

Holistic healing treats the person as a whole. So not just the body, but the mind and soul as well.

The focus is not on fixing symptoms, but on treating root causes. It aims to move from “dis-ease” to ease. That is, wellness for the whole person. This integrated approach can be highly effective for chronic or complex conditions.

Many illnesses are not purely physical. There may be emotional, psychological or spiritual factors at play too. Holistic healing addresses these issues as well as physical symptoms. So it brings mind, body and spirit back into balance. Blocks are removed. Energy flows freely. The entire system returns to balance and wellness.

In addition to treating mind, body and spirit, holistic healers focus on the person, not the body. They diagnose and treat you in your overall situation. There’s no standard prescription. Instead, your treatment is designed just for you.