Infant Massage

Infant massage : an effective Treatment for Babies With Colic, Gas, Immune System, Sleep Problems, Asthma, Stress, and More

Infant Massage

Although Infant, or “Baby Massage” is an ancient tradition in some cultures, it was not practised in the West until the 1970’s.

Infant massage is useful to:

  • Improve the baby’s immune system
  • Help the infant learn to relax
  • Promote sounder and longer sleep
  • Promote bonding (verbal and non-verbal communication is developed)
  • Regulate digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Relieve pain and discomfort from gas and colic, congestion and teething
  • Help the production of endorphins, which relieves stress.

Most Infant Massage Therapists are actually Instructors, who run classes that teach the parent or caregiver how to massage their own child. Instruction is important to learn about what massage oils can be used on a baby; some commercial preparations are actually too strong and may overload the liver or cause rashes. Janene is a fully qualified instructor, so she can show you how it’s done, and give you the confidence to nurture your baby at home.

Infant massage benefits parents too.

A special focused time allocated for massage can deepen bonding. This can be especially useful for mothers with postpartum depression and teenage mothers who are having difficulty developing parenting skills. Fathers who are separated from the baby as they work during the day, find that it alleviates their feelings of being left out. Studies have proven that babies who have close bonds with their parents (babies that have been held and massaged) grow into adults that are likely to be cooperative and well balanced individuals.