The mind is of itself its own place. It can create a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.

John Milton

From a metaphysical viewpoint, depression may be caused by anger. You feel that you can’t have what you want. There’s a big gap between your ideal of how you’d like your life to be and the reality you are living. You feel disempowered, and are unable to create the changes that you want, to make your life the way you would like it to be.

This interpretation makes sense when you consider how depression often begins. There may be a major life event where you lose control. Or you might be battling ongoing health issues, suffering chronic pain or unable to do things you want to.

The benefits of acupuncture for chronic pain are well documented, so if your depression is related to such a condition, acupuncture is a great therapy to include in your treatment plan.

Traditional acupuncture teaching around depression (not currently proven by Western science) focuses on the liver. The emotion of the liver is anger and frustration. The word ‘liver’ sounds like  ‘to live’ – and if you have ‘joie de vivre’, you have a healthy liver. When your ‘joie de vivre’ is gone, it’s usually caused by diminished liver energy. With all the toxins and pesticides in the environment, over eating, too much alcohol &/drugs – both pharmaceutical & recreational – people’s livers are often on overload.

Aromatherapy can also help with depression. There are a number of oils that are specific for depression. They lift people’s emotions and spirit.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage, utilising detoxing essential oils, works on the lymphatic and circulatory systems. It helps cleanse toxins, so people are more relaxed and energetic. In general, massage releases tight and knotty muscles. Massaging along acupuncture meridians may also help get energy flowing.

The mental and emotional stresses and tensions get locked into the cellular tissues and massage helps release that as well.

Sometimes flower essences are good to help release negative patterns. Removing blocks can help people feel empowered in their own life and feel good about themselves, so they can say “goodbye” to depression.

Theta healing can help clear blocks from the past that keep getting triggered in the present. Wounds which need healing. Mental and emotional patterns, ways people ‘react’ rather than consciously ‘respond’ to certain situations. When you have an automatic strong reaction in the present, it reflects a past wound that keeps getting replayed and replayed. The aim is to stop repeating the same scene with different people.

Janene assesses each client she works with individually, and chooses from the range of treatments above based on specific circumstances.

Depression can be chronic, or it could be a new experience based on something which has changes in your life. Whatever the cause, if you’re struggling with depression, contact Janene for a personally tailored treatment plan.

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