Remedial Massage near Putney

Remedial massage just 10 minutes from Putney

Remedial Massage

Do you have a sports or dancing injury? Frozen shoulder? Arthritis? Are you simply feeling stiff or uncomfortable? Try a remedial massage treatment.

Massage also helps with relaxation and sleep problems. It often gives a general sense of wellbeing.

Janene Stevens – remedial massage therapist

Janene is an experienced holistic healer, in practice for over 3 decades. Her massage training includes

  • Swedish massage
  • pregnancy massage
  • myofascial release
  • lymphatic drainage
  • acupressure
  • shiatsu

She has treated clients with all the issues listed above, as well as others:

  • muscular cramps
  • whiplash
  • fibrositis
  • spondylitis
  • muscular atrophy
  • discomfort during pregnancy

More than just massage!

Janene isn’t just a qualified remedial massage therapist. She’s also trained in acupuncture, reiki and other therapies. She treats clients holistically, using her expertise across all disciplines to give you a personally designed treatment. So it’s like having 3 therapists rolled into one!

Here’s what Annette Matthews of Putney has to say:

I have been a client of Janene Stevens for many years. I have had regular remedial massages at 5 weekly intervals during that time… I am 67 years old and I feel that my regular visits to Janene have been responsible for my positive outlook and general good health. I found that her treatment was especially helpful during a very difficult time in my life in the past year.*

(*Testimonials are personal opinions. Individual results may vary.)


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Getting to North Ryde from Putney

A Holistic Healing Centre is in a quiet leafy street just 10 minutes drive from Putney.

It’s an easy trip down Lane Cove Road. And it’s easy to park in the street or in our driveway.

If you’re using public transport, the 507 bus is a great option. And of course there are many other buses travelling along Lane Cove Road, depending where in Putney you start from.