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The Natural Health Philosophy

The central idea of Natural Health is that mind, body and spirit are intimately connected. Unbalance in any one can affect the others. Physical symptoms are a sign of imbalance. They are a message from the body that it needs care.

Natural Health believes in the body’s ability to cure itself. But sometimes the body is so unbalanced that it needs help with the healing process. Gentle, non-invasive techniques can assist. What’s more, many of us have forgotten how to listen to our bodies. The stress and rush of modern life mean that we don’t take time to listen. Or we take drugs and suppress symptoms rather than resolving the core unbalance. Natural Health strives to overcome that challenge. To put us back in touch with our bodies and help them balance themselves.

Natural Health is centred around you, the person, not us the practitioners.


The aim of Natural Health – and of A Holistic Healing Centre – is to help you achieve health and balance. It’s not to make you dependent on us or any other specialists.


Please browse and enjoy the information on the rest of this menu. It is designed to help you understand more about natural healing and what it can do for you.

Natural Healing FAQ: Your questions about natural healing answered. If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, please contact us. We’ll reply to you personally and we’ll update the page for future visitors.

Healing Thoughts: Information and inspiration on all aspects of natural health and healing. A collection of the articles and quotations I find most useful and relevant in my practice of natural healing.

Links: from time to time we come into contact with other businesses who share our natural healing philosophy. Their services and products may help you on your life journey, so we share their contact details on this page.