Polarity Balancing

polarity balancingDr Randolph Stone developed Polarity Therapy, which heals by activating the Chi energy and balancing the natural life force energy fields around the body. Universal energy flows through all of nature, and as we are a part of nature, the energy also flows through and sustains us by the law of opposites.

The human body is bipolar (moving from pole to pole) in its function and action. When the energy is in balance and flowing freely, health is maintained. Disease or pain results from a blockage, restriction or imbalance in this flow. A polarity therapist will assist their client in re-establishing a healthy energy flow and in balancing energies.

Polarity Therapy utilizes 4 main therapeutic techniques: bodywork, diet, yoga exercises and self awareness. It incorporates gentle rocking of the body with occasional rotation and stretching of the legs and the body is recharged by placement of the therapist’s hands on the negative and positive points of the body. It is a very relaxing and non invasive therapy.

Polarity Therapy can be used alone, with the client remaining clothed or in conjunction with other therapies, for example massage, in which case the client needs to be unclothed. A treatment will take between 30 to 90 minutes. It can be used to help a number of conditions including back pain, tension, sciatica, digestive disorders and the release of emotional holding patterns.