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How Many Treatments Will I Need ?

It’s difficult to give a clear answer about how many treatments you will need to feel better. Health is a highly individual matter. Everyone has a different healing time.

Janene aims to deliver results from the very first treatment. But feeling ‘a bit better’ and feeling ‘completely better’ are different things.

There are a number of factors to consider.

Holistic healing tends to reduce the number of treatments required

Janene deals with people holistically, combining a number of different therapies. For most people, this means they heal more quickly than if they just had one kind of treatment. Sometimes it might only require one treatment to become pain free. Others may need more treatments.

It also depends on your condition

It also depends on how long you’ve had your condition.

More chronic conditions often take longer to heal. Your body has become used to a specific way of being and behaving. Treatment can reset it, but habits take a time to break.

For example, maybe you have adjusted your walk to minimise pain in your knee or back. You may feel better after treatment, but if you continue walking the way you are used to, you are not using your muscles in the best way and you may find pain returns.

The same effect happens with spiritual and emotional conditions too.

In some

Your own lifestyle affects how many treatments you will need too

You life outside the treatment session has a huge effect. What you do every day may be making your condition worse. Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep – that will tend to make you more stressed, or more anxious, or more depressed. Your diet can have a huge impact too. Janene tries to integrate treatment into your life. So she may give advice about what to eat, or how to get to sleep, or other lifestyle changes you can make.