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These testimonials show the range of positive results that Janene has delivered, but do not constitute a guarantee. Individual results may vary, depending on your specific condition, your treatment and whether you complete the recommended treatment plan. Janene aims wherever possible to deliver some improvement from the very first treatment.


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  1. Janene is an excellent and skilful healer. I was suffering from a shoulder & wrist ache for a long time. I went to Janene’s Holistic Healing Centre for an acupuncture treatment, she was so gentle & the needles were painless. It was so amazing! She also did a crystal healing for me after that I felt relaxed and comfortable. I would recommend that anyone who is suffering from similar problems to me, should contact Janene to help you recover soon. Thanks Janene.

  2. I went to Janene Stevens @ A Holistic Healing Centre in the hope of conceiving a child. I had lost twins when I was 5 months pregnant after IVF treatment. After 6 acupuncture, aromatherapy massages & counselling sessions, I conceived naturally (not needing IVF) & gave birth to a healthy son. Thank you Janene so much for your help. xo*

  3. After having acupuncture & remedial massage with Janene Stevens for a protruding disc over a period of time, I went to my doctor to arrange for IVF (I was booked in for December) as my husband & I hadn’t been able to conceive. The doctor examined me & after tests, I discovered I was 7 months pregnant! The doctor asked had I been doing anything different & the only thing I’d been doing was having acupuncture & massage. 2 months later to my delight, I gave birth to our son Nicholas.*

  4. I had a massage and acupuncture treatment to ease my sore legs and knees from Janene Stevens. The pain was due to excessive hiking that I did during a trip to New Zealand.
    After a quick talk, she easily found the trigger points of my pain and released them. A few days after I felt my legs and my knees were more comfortable and finally the pain disappeared. I think The acupuncture combined with remedial massage is really efficient in releasing tight painful muscles and releasing energy blocks – more than that it was very relaxing ! Thank you Janene :)*

  5. I was lucky to find Janene after searching for a natural therapist who would provide personalised treatment for infertility after suffering a miscarriage and failing to fall pregnant naturally for just over 2 years. After only three sessions with Janene, I discovered I was pregnant. I highly recommend that anyone who is struggling with infertility and wanting to fall pregnant naturally, to contact Janene to discuss your own personalised treatment plan.*

  6. I was referred to Janene by a colleague who had experienced great massage. I’m generally a bit cynical about natural healing, but have had nothing but fabulous experiences with Janene. She really is holistic in her approach, combining massage, acupuncture and a warm, caring approach, which has helped me immensely. I come out of sessions relaxed, calm and much better equipped to deal with some of the complexities of my life. Thank you Janene!!!*

  7. I was really keen to learn what factors have made Janene Stevens successful as a therapist for so many years. I think the key is her diversity. Firstly, she is highly trained; the walls of her massage room literally covered with many qualifications. Secondly her skills are far more than just massage; e.g. becoming an acupuncturist back in the 70s would have been literally ground-breaking for where Australian opinion of alternative therapies was at the time. Thirdly, her personality is just so beautifully natural; you feel so relaxed and at ease from the word go, like you are chatting with your next door neighbour. Finally, her style is very informative; as she massaged me, she would question what I was feeling, explain tightness or anything unusual that she had encountered, and the consequences in terms of holistic impact; both emotional and physical aspect; I was fascinated by her confidence and knowledge. All in all, a really wonderful massage and I cannot wait to visit again.*

  8. I went to see Janene Stevens because I had a problem with my lower & upper back for 5 years. I had massage in the past but it didn’t fix the problem. Janene gave me 2 treatments combining acupuncture & remedial massage and it was fixed, much to my delight! It was the first time I’d had acupuncture and I only felt a small pinch. Afterwards my back felt so much better & I no longer get the pain I used to get when in certain yoga postures. So a big thank you to you Janene.*

  9. Janene is a wonderful practitioner. I have been fortunate enough to meet Janene at a time when I was very much in need of some guidance, wisdom and healing. Through acupuncture, massage and spiritual counselling, I was able to release some deep seated beliefs that were holding me back in my life and causing physical symptoms of being unwell. When Janene treats you, you know that you are receiving true healing from a practitioner with many years of experience in a safe and comforting environment. I can not only reccomend Janene for her dedication to her skills, but also for her compassion and understanding.*

  10. It was my first time having acupuncture with Janene Stevens (@ A Holistic Healing Centre). This was a fantastic experience. Janene is amazing at knowing just where to put the needles in your body. The whole process was smooth and precise..Janene has an incredible knowledge about the body and knows exactly where the pain is and how to make you feel relaxed. Once the needles were in my body I felt like time had stopped, I felt calm, peaceful, centered & aligned within myself, .I would definitly recommend Janene’s treatment to anybody. You’ll feel like you’ve laid on a cloud – it felt so good. She also made a bottle of Aromatherapy Oils to take with me that did wonders for my sinuses.I felt so fresh with new sinuses.*

  11. “When we’re in Sydney, we used to visit Janene and enjoyed the wonderful massage and acupuncture sessions we had. We felt like Cleopatra and always came away feeling less stressed and confident of getting much better. Furthermore we were recommended Essential Oils and we still have some of them today (as only a drop is required). Unfortunately for us, we moved away and could no longer have our healing experience with Janene, when often we really needed it. Haven’t found anyone to replace her so far. Acunpuncture is powerful therapy requiring knowledge and skill. We can thoroughly recommend her treatments. Judith and Michael Jeffrey, Redcliffe, Qld”*

  12. I wholeheartedly recommend healings from this centre. It is homely, comfortable and most of all really, really effective!*

  13. Wow ! How relaxed and de….stressed do I feel.I have just had a one hour massage with Janene at A Holistic Healing Centre. It is a very welcoming and comfortable establishment with the utmost professional treatment. I am going to make a regular booking I feel so rejuvenated ,thank you !*

  14. I have been a client of Janene Stevens for approx 16 years and during that time have had monthly remedial massages. These regular visits to Janene have been responsible for my positive outlook and general good health. I find Janene very knowledgeable, personable and helpful and have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone.*

  15. From the moment you step into Janene’s room you feel the warm tranquil atmosphere, from the moment you lay down you can smell the wonderful relaxing aroma of essential oil’s. Having had many massages over the years with Janene, I always come away feeling relaxed and in better condition physically than when I arrived. I have had times over the years when I have needed someone to give me advise on all types of matters and have found Janene to be full of useful knowledge. Its hard to leave Janene’s room as Im always so relaxed I just want to curl up and go to sleep.*

  16. I had my FIRST EVER acupuncture treatment. Let’s just say I was terrified !! Janene babystepped me and reassured me every step of the way. I had a pinch in my thigh which had kept me awake for 2 nights before I contacted Janene.
    When the needles went in, I didn’t feel much (and believe me when I say I am a big wimp when it comes to pain!!). The pain in my thigh was diminished as soon as Janene took the needles out, and it was completely gone by the next day (even after driving from Ryde to Melbourne that day) ! It’s amazing !!!
    Just as Janene said !
    Thank you Janene…*

  17. My visits to Janene keep me healthy, energised and sane! Any small or large ailment and I am at the Holistic Healing Centre for a treatment – Janene ensures that she uses whatever healing method suits me best – whether acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage etc – I am always well afterwards! Several years ago I had difficulty getting life insurance because I didn’t have a GP – I never needed one because I had Janene!*

  18. I have been a client of Janene Stevens for many years. I have had regular remedial massages at 5 weekly intervals during that time. On some occasions I have had acupuncture which I have found to be very successful. I am 67 years old and I feel that my regular visits to Janene have been responsible for my positive outlook and general good health. I found that her treatment was especially helpful during a very difficult time in my life in the past year.*

  19. Janene is an amazing healer. She has such a breadth of knowledge from all the modalities she has studied that there is bound to be one or combination of them that will fix your problem. I found Janene very tuned in to what I needed on the day. She is constantly learning so she can help her clients. I came away from the treatment with no neck or lower back pain and the benefits have continued which I feel is the mark of a good therapist. Thank you so much for a tranquil and relaxed treatment.*

  20. I had been suffering from a stiff and painful knee and found it difficult to work as a painter, as I had to climb up & down ladders all day. After 3 acupuncture and massage treatments I have been able to climb ladders and 5 years later I have no more pain.*

  21. I had been suffering from painful frozen shoulder for eighteen months. After a few acupuncture and massage treatments, I realized that for the first time in 18 months I was now pain free!*

  22. 4 years ago I was suffering from bad psoriasis, after a course of treatments with acupuncture, aromatherapy and metaphysical counselling I become free of psoriasis and since then it has not returned.*

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